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This Warranty is designed to help reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially expensive mechanical repairs to your Caravan. Your Caravan will be covered by a 4 Year Nationwide Warranty which incorporates the following: 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY / 3 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY


Salute Caravans warrants that, for a period of one year from the date the Caravan is handed over to the purchaser, all parts of the manufacture and assembly of the product carried out by the manufacturer that are found to be defective in workmanship or materials will be repaired or replaced without charge to the purchaser.

Under this warranty, the purchaser is covered against any structural failure to the Caravan including the chassis, walls, furniture, roof, electrical & plumbing.


Salute Caravans will process any claim made by the purchaser within twenty-one (21) days of receipt and either accept or decline the claim under this Warranty. Exceptions may apply during annual factory closures.


• The purchaser must ensure that a 1,000 kilometre Inspection service is carried out by a qualified service agent, followed by regular servicing in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook at intervals not to exceed twelve (12 months) or 10,000km from the commencement date, whichever occurs first. An allowance of no more than 30 (thirty) days or 500 (Five Hundred) kilometres beyond the stated intervals will be accepted.
• The purchaser must take all reasonable precautions to minimise damage to the Caravan, and must not continue to operate the Caravan if a fault or damage is reasonably suspected.
• In the event of a claim within the warranty period, the purchaser should contact their Dealer immediately after any fault becomes apparent & prior to carrying out any repair or rectification. Any claim for reimbursement for repairs carried out without prior authorisation may be denied and may render the warranty invalid.
• In the event that parts are required to be replaced under Warranty, the purchaser is required to return the faulty item to Salute Caravans or an authorised Dealer before a replacement part will be provided.
• It is the purchaser’s responsibility to deliver the caravan to and from an authorised repairer in the event of a claim for inspection and testing. If such inspection and testing finds no defect in the caravan, the purchaser must pay Salute Caravans and/or its authorised Dealer the costs of service work, evaluation and testing (if any).


• Where the Caravan has been used other than for a purpose for which it was designed.
• Caravans modified beyond manufacturer’s specifications or used for hire, commercial or permanent residential purposes.
• Any damage due to misuse, accident, theft, impact, neglect, abuse or similar which may render this Warranty invalid.
• Any damage due to abnormal conditions, including environment, infestation by animals, rodents, insects, temperature, submersion in water, fire, humidity, pressure, stress, rust, dust penetration, corrosion or the Caravan is used in mining or other corrosive areas or similar.
• Any damage caused by towing with incorrect tyre pressure, at excessive speeds, overloading, incorrect towing equipment.
• Any damage caused by creek crossings at or above floor level, flooding and other similar conditions.
• Any damage caused by excessive speed, hard impact, heavy landings, severely rutted roads or tracks, stones or use of the Caravan in unsuitable 4WD or off-road applications.
• Any damage to the Caravan occurring from any damage caused by failure to maintain correct service requirements and any damage, which is consequential to the failure to maintain correct service requirements.
• Any damage to the Caravan caused by repairs, alterations and modifications by the purchase or unauthorised repairer.
• Any damage, loss or expense of any kind which occurs or arises from a failure of any part or component of the Caravan, except where that damage, loss or expense is the approved cost of repair or replacement of the Caravan, or is reasonably determined by Salute Caravans to be directly related to or arise from the failure of that Caravan.
• Any damage occurring while the purchaser continues to drive with a known or suspected fault, or which a reasonable person in the position of the driver would or should know or suspect to be a fault.
• Items not installed by the manufacturer or fitted after the purchase of the Caravan.
• Any damage occurring due to incorrect power supply, over voltage, incorrect gas or water supply.
• Normal wear and tear commensurate with age including deterioration or fading of paint, curtains, seats or soft trim.
• The following appliances & other items (where applicable) carry their own Warranty cover as provided by the relevant supplier:

Air Conditioner
Floor heating
Hot Water unit
Oven / Stove
Pressure Pump
Reverse Camera
Solar Panels
Step & Slide Outs
Stereo unit
TV Antenna

Please refer to your manuals provided at handover for more information. Note: This list is not exhaustive & includes any other appliances as requested by the purchaser. Please contact your local Dealer for assistance in making a claim through any relevant 3rd party supplier if required.


At the conclusion of the 1 Year Manufacturer warranty, Salute Caravans provides the original purchaser a further 3 Year Extended Warranty via AWN Insurance – Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds (LCV Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Caravan).

COMPONENTS COVERED & CLAIM LIMITS C2 Caravan’s less than 5 years of age at the time of sale

Up to the market value of the Caravan

• You are covered against failure of the covered components (excluding appliances) that would have been covered by the original manufacturer’s (Salute Caravans) warranty if it had not expired.
• For all limits of liability and exclusions, please refer to the Limits of Liability, Exclusions and Miscellaneous sections under Terms and Conditions of the Warranty Contract.
• The maximum claim limit for any one claim is up to $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) per claim.

This is designed as an overview only. For full terms and conditions please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement at

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